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    What is Rio Drink – China?

    Rio Drink

    What is Rio drink? The Rio Drink is a Chinese know off type brand of the alcopop family. Born to take on the might of Bacardi Breezer and the like it is now a mainstay of the Chinese “girly drink” scene. Here is the Rio Story. You have to give the Chinese their credit, foreigners […]

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    The 1st Great Kampot Beer Festival

    The Kampot Beer festival was first held on January 30th 2020 and by all accounts it was great success. We went to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. What the Kampot? Kampot is a sleepy town in the south of Cambodia. You can get here by train. It is now […]

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    AEON Mall Topvalu

    AEON Mall

    AEON Mall Topvalu. Sadly I can’t go all Hollywood and write about new restaurants all of the time. Today instead of hitting the town I hit the mall. For those not aware AEON Mall is the mall in Phnom Penh. So “the” that in fact that during the recent Covid-19 outbreak the mall was closed. […]

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    What is Sarsi?

    What is Sarsi? Sarsi is a very popular sarsaparilla from the Philippines! There;s a loy special abut the Philippines, beaches, people, food, well not so much food, but bottled pop drinks. The Philippines is one of the few countries to still sell most drinks in glass bottle form. One of the most popular of these […]

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    Red Horse Beer

    red horse beer in the philippines

    Red Horse Beer! Most countries have their own super strength lager colloquially termed “wife beater” and in the Philippines it is Red Horse. You can a lot about a person in the Philippines by the type of beer they drink. If you spy someone drinking San Miguel Light for example, they are usually a lady, […]

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    Spy Wine Cooler

    spy wine cooler

    Spy Wine Cooler, the number one wine cooler in south-East Asia? Beer, even semi-good beer like Beer Lao , or Angkor can get a little boring after a while, and unless you wanna go on the hard stuff like Bai Jiu (rice liquor) or cheap local vodka, then your options are few and far between. […]

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    Ize Cola – ColaQuest

    Ize Cola you say! There’s something about me that loves a good underdog story, and you often get this on ColaQuest. A firsty local upstart taking on the global evil of the Galactic Empire like Coca-Cola corporation. I present Ize Cola, Cambodia. The second most popular cola in the whole Kingdom. Hurrah! What is Ize […]

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